John Milner
John Milner
Assistant Professor
Intra-Abdominal Transplantation
Pancreas Transplantation, Liver Transplantation, Dialysis Access Surgery, Immune System Issues in Transplant/Cancer Patients, Kidney Cancer, Kidney/Adrenal Surgery - Laparoscopic/Robotic, Kidney/Adrenal Surgery/Cryoablation/RFA, Kidney Tumors with Inferior Vena Cava Involvement, Kidney/Retroperitoneal Tumors (Large), Complex Vascular Surgery of the Kidney, Complex Kidney Cysts, Kidney/Ureteric Stones, Prostate Cancer/Elevated PSA, Robotic/Radical Prostatectomy, Laser/PVP/Holmium Prostate Surgery, Bladder Cancer/Urothelial Cancer/Hematuria, Advancements in Surgical Approaches to Treating Urologic Cancers, Challenging Surgical Problems, Kidney Transplantation in Adults/Children, Kidney Donation via Robotic/Laparoscopic Surgery
Board Certifications
Urology - General Cert: AM Board of Urology
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Medical School
University of Manitoba Faculty of Medicine
University of Manitoba Health Sciences Centre, Urology
Loyola University Medical Center, Laparoscopic Surgery, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Endourology
University of Chicago Hospitals and Clinics, Multi-Organ Transplant Surgery
Interests & Hobbies
Sports - Hockey/Tennis/Golf