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Internal Medicine Services

General internal medicine offers a comprehensive primary care system specializing in the diagnosis and management of multisystem diseases and other complex medical problems. The group possesses special expertise in geriatrics, perioperative evaluation and medical disorders during pregnancy. It is a leader in improving the quality and cost of patient care in many areas, including community-acquired pneumonia, sickle cell crisis and venous thromboembolism.

Hospitalist Program

Physicians specializing in hospital care have improved inpatient medical care and decreased length of stay by creating standardized protocols for all hospital-based health care providers to follow.

Palliative Care Medicine

This new service manages care for dying patients, to improve their quality of life. Services include pain management, end-of-life decision-making, psychosocial care and coordination of discharge planning.

Transition Clinic

This innovative clinic provides outpatient primary care to patients recently discharged from the hospital who do not have a primary care physician.